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ABOUT | Ileana Mann

Ileana Mann is the owner of The Skin & Body Bar. She has sharpened her skills as a licensed massage therapist & skin care specialist over the last 15 years. While working in the spa industry she has always been drawn to the more "natural" side of things. Her focus is primarily on natural beauty & wellness. After working for a local spa, then relocating to Puerto Rico working in a luxury hotel spa setting for many years she decided to create her own wellness sanctuary with a service menu and products that reflect her unique philosophies and experiences throughout her career. 


Ileana’s holistic approach considers the many factors that make up your unique ecosystem: diet, lifestyle, and environment. Ileana believes that the body has the power to heal itself, but sometimes it needs some guidance. Massage therapy has the power to center & ground you, thus bringing your attention & awareness to stressors in life, that may be affecting you in your daily life. Together you will open up a space to encourage rest, relaxation & healing.   


Her belief is that facial products & services should be "skin loving" meaning safe, effective, sustainable, and enjoyable. Ileana incorporates a variety of results-driven products to support and encourage the skins natural functions. With this, she pairs a variety of techniques to enhance skin rejuvenation.  In this fast paced stressful world she feels extremely grateful to have the opportunity to create a luxurious healing experience for her clients.