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Skin care

The secret to fresh glowing skin begins with a facial. All facials are completely customized & created based on a thorough consultation & analyzation of your current skin condition & desired results. Instead of choosing from a menu of services, Ileana uses her time with each client to identify your unique "skin personality" through a conversation about diet, stress level, lifestyle & skin care. She will cater to your mind, body, and most importantly, your unique skin needs at the time of service. Your facial will begin with a luxurious lymphatic brushing followed by a deep cleanse & exfoliation, pore extractions (if needed), detailed sculpting massage with a probiotic & variety of oils to release facial tension, improve blood flow & nourish your skin's microbiome, continuing with a mask targeted to nourish, reverse damage, support & protect.  Our facials embody the core belief that radiant skin is a reflection of health on the inside. Depending on the client, Ileana will integrate her knowledge of the latest advancements in skin care & combine holistic & modern modalities. The following may be used during your facial Gua Sha face-lifting massage, high frequency, dermaplaning, facial cupping, micro-current & lymphatic drainage. Upon completion of your facial you will leave with a prescription of skin care, beauty foods, herbal remedies & well-being rituals that will boost & sustain your results between treatments.

Please choose a treatment length & trust that your service will be catered according to your unique skin type & condition.

Signature Facial

$95 | 50 MINUTES


Express Facial

$55 | 30 MINUTES

Radiance Facial

$135 | 85 MINUTES


Back Facial

$60 | 45 MINUTES

Advanced Skin Care

When your skin needs a deeper transformation & rejuvenation we have advanced modalities to help you achieve those results. Microneedling (CIT) is an amazing way to treat the skin by creating a controlled microscopic "injury" which stimulates the body's natural healing response to produce collagen. This treatment works on an anti-aging level to create smoother skin, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and it has been shown to be effective in correcting acne scars and hyperpigmentation as well. While the microneedles stimulate collagen production —when gentle retinoids and other collagen stimulating topicals are applied to the skin after a treatment they are able to penetrate better for more improvement. Dermaplaning is a safe effective form of skin exfoliation using a sterile surgical blade to remove the top layers of dead skin cells as well as removal of facial hair. Gentle peels can resurface the skin, we use glycolic, lactic & mandelic acids to achieve those results

Microneedling | Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT)

$225 | 50 MINUTES

packages available

Dermaplaning Facial with Mild Peels

$115 | 50 MINUTES