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Massage Therapy


Let your highly skilled & experienced licensed massage therapist treat your mind & body to a truly amazing experience.

Melt stress, improve circulation, & ease muscular pain & tension.



Increase circulation & promote total relaxation with a full body massage. Your experience will begin with a scalp massage, which will jump start the relaxation process. Your therapist will then work down to your neck, shoulders, arms, legs, & feet. Loosening any knots & tension by gently kneading, stroking, & stretching the areas. You will then turn over onto your belly where finally the backs of your legs and back will be massaged, according to your comfort level light to medium pressure is applied.

30 minutes- $45, 60 minutes- $80, 90 minutes- $120



Alleviate & release chronic pain, soreness, fatigue, & muscle tension by using very strong pressure. Slow, deep strokes & friction across the muscle grain will be applied to your achy muscles. Cupping massage may also be used. This service can be performed on your full body or concentrated only on specific areas of discomfort.

30 minutes- $45, 60 minutes- $80, 90 minutes- $120



Allow mommy to escape, relax & rejuvenate. She will experience a luxurious service designed to reduce commonly associated concerns that most women will face during pregnancy. Sore muscles will be loosened, low back pain will be alleviated & swelling will be reduced, by indulging in a massage tailored just for her.

60 minutes- $80, 90 minutes- $120



Completely allow your body to relax while the hot stones penetrate & soothe your muscles. They are placed in specific areas to allow further healing, while also used during the massage to aide your therapists hands. The heat takes the muscles to a deeper level of relaxation.

60 minutes- $90, 90 minutes- $130



Experience the ancient art of inducing relaxation & relieving pain by stimulating pressure points on the feet. Your treatment will begin with your feet surrounded by warm towels that have been pre-soaked in aromatherapy oils. That will begin the cleansing process & allow for greater toxin removal. Each and every part of your foot from the ankle to the tips on your toes will be thoroughly massaged. At the end of your treatment your therapist will go over the reflexology chart to discuss their findings.

30 minutes- $45



Promote physical & psychological well-being through the proven power of essential oils. They have been used for centuries to help treat a wide range of symptoms & conditions. You will have the option of choosing from a variety of oils to enhance your massage or you may select to have your therapist prescribe one for you.

Add on to any massage, Aromatic Blends- $15